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The charred cheese dog at Jim's Famous Sauce is a West Mifflin classic

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The GREATEST Hotdogs We've Ever Had!

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Jim’s Is An Old Fashioned Drive-In Restaurant Near Pittsburgh That Hasn’t Changed In Decades

Jim's Famous Sauce Pittsburgh Quarterly Article

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A visit to Jim's Famous Sauce

"This is Heaven on Earth! Best in the world." – Joelle L.W.

"I am lucky enough to live within walking distance! My fridge is never without a bottle of that sauce." – Georgeen L.

"My dad past [sic] away this past fall, and his one request before he past [sic] was for me to sneak him a cheese dog with sauce and onions into the hospital. All I will say is he left this world with a smile on his face. You guys will always hold a special place in my heart." – Ronald B.

"I live in Alabama and order sauce to be shipped. Nothing like being at Jim's in person though. NEVER EVER CLOSE PLEASE!!!" – Tracey E.

"I lived nearby & while about 1 1/2 hours away now, I stop every Saturday for my usual cheese dog, cheese burger with sauce & onions. Been eating there for about 65 years." – Paul L.

"Absolutely the best!! Everywhere I go I get the areas "famous" dogs, and nothing comes close to Jim's Drive-In!" – Mike W.

"I have to order more bottles to be shipped. We love it on so many things. I wish I could make everything at home here on the other side of the state as good as they do. Stop there every time I come back home." – Terri C.

"Each time I get my 1958 Olds out for a spin Jim's is the last stop for the day." – Mike T.

"Cheese dogs (sauce and onion) the very best... have been eating them since I could walk up the street and eat them! That being said, the cheeseburgers are also very good! Shakes, fries, nachos... all yummy!" – Denise H.

"NOBODY makes Hot Dogs that compare to Jims with their Famous Sauce ... I have loved them for oh about 60 or so years now ... and Thank you Alex for your friendship for a lot of those years!" – Dennis Arvay

"I've stopped at Jim's every time I'm in the area since the early 1950's!" – Felip Bodzenski

"I lived across the street from Jim's from 1959 to 1980. My brother Larry Koski worked there until he went to college. My son Marko Bonacci worked there until college and still comes back for "sauce." Since my first Jim dog, it's hard to enjoy a hotdog from anywhere else." – Cindy Kosko-Bonacci

"I have come to Jim's from 1960 to the present. Great dogs; love this place. Golf at Westwood, and always come to Jim's." – Bob Bodzenski

"I come from Connecticut." – Chris DeMichele

"Jim's is off the beaten path but a nice place for a dog. Go on a nice day or be subject to the elements. Have your order ready as you approach the window. The sauce used on the wieners is quite peculiar: it hints of mace (the spice not the weapon) and clove. Not cocktail sauce or ketchup or chili, but whatever it is, it is good and for sale." – Aviation Eats

"Best drive-in food in Pittsburgh! Their secret sauce is great on everything!! We always order the Cheese dog with sauce and onions and the Ham & chesse with sauce & onions. Great shakes too." – Karen

"Great dogs." – Kurt

"Love Jim's. Grew up eating 'Jimmy dogs' and still love them." – S.Manns

"I have not been to Jim's in years but it is a place I will always remember. Great service, great sauce and great memories. If you ever visit this area you must have Jim's Drive-in on your itinerary!" – Terri

"Awesome sauce. Little expensive.. but worth it." – Dustin McGrew

"A stellar joint for getting an excellent hot dog. Nowhere in the state produces such a fine sauce for topping a dog. Others try, but do not come close. The dogs may seem to be on the pricey side, but my travels through the Commonwealth of PA showed me that they are in line with any other hot dog shop. Sure you can get a 50 cent hot dog at Sheetz, but it tastes like a 50 cent dog. Service is quick, the food comes out piping hot and is still pretty hot after a trip back home. The sauce has a kick to it, but not enough to drive heat sensitive mouths away. The ham & cheese topped with sauce is an unreal treat rivaled only by some of the finest gourmet foods on the planet." – Zebersoma

"I never even used to like hot dogs before I ate a Jim's Hot Dog. My daughter used to eat them with the sauce and onions when she was 3 years old. Even if I am only in town a few days, I make sure to make a stop at Jim's. I hope they are around long enough for my grandkids and great-grandkids to go there and still longer." – Burgirl4life

"When I return to Pittsburgh from Roanoke, I always have lunch at Jim's. Brother Brian from Texas does the same. Can't get the sauce anywhere like Jim's!" – Mark Bair, Virginia

"I've been eating at Jim's all of my life; and now my husband and two sons join me." – Allison, McKeesport PA

"I just traded six Jim's hotdogs for a pair of new gold shoes!" – Chip