Originally, Jim's hot dogs were made with steamed buns, and most times the buns would be soggy. If customers took the sandwiches home, the buns would harden. Jim was very clever – he grilled the wieners, placed them in his special buns, added dressings, and popped them in the broiler. Success!

During high school and college, Syl worked in the store, where he did his homework on the soda fountain counter. His dinner was usually from the sandwich menu, and he looked for ways to enhance the meal. Hot dogs were a favorite – the wieners were grilled, placed in buns and topped with chopped onions, mustard, relish, and Jim's Famous Sauce – and then toasted. One evening he added a slab of cheese to his hot dog and popped it in the broiler. The cheese melted a bit and formed a light brown crust. It became his favorite but was not placed on the menu until a customer saw what he was making and asked if it was available. It took off and has become Jim's signature sandwich. The combination of the sauce, the cheese, and being broiled made all of the difference.

Jim's uses the very best wiener available and a special cheese over the sauce that melts and forms a perfect crust. Jim was adamant about the sauce – he would not put ketchup on a hot dog. Son Al loosened up a bit on that, but not many people ask for ketchup. Why would you want ketchup when you could use Jim's Famous Sauce?

make a Jim's Special Dog

use quality ingredients

       - hot dog and bun
       - fresh onion, diced
       - Jim's Famous Sauce
       - American cheese, sliced

put it together

  1. Grill hot dog and place in bun
  2. Add plenty of onions
  3. Cover generously with Jim's Famous Sauce
  4. Top with cheese
  5. Broil until cheese bubbles and browns
  6. Enjoy!

Note: Jim's Famous Sauce is best served warm.